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About us...

Ten years ago I saw a video with a big and nice cat on youtube. I immediately fell in love with her. I started looking for information about this breed. I was impressed not only by the look but also by the amazing character characteristics. At the time, it was unthinkable for me to buy such a cat. Maine Coon was my dream.By chance I met years later with a great breeder of this breed Adéla Kroupová - Adelheids catrery Prague, who has her offspring all over the world. Also, thanks to her fb group, I have broadened my knowledge of cats and started to look deep. Feeding, welfare, breed ... And we're here! My dream has become a reality.

Our vision

Although the trend of the MCO is changing, I still tend to see the classic look of this breed. Large and robust cats with a large mouth. Accordingly, we also chose our first cats that have these characters in their lines.
The nature for which I chose this breed, among others, still meets the attribute "Gentle Giant".
The health of these beautiful four-legged friends is trying to support as much as possible the state that is most natural to cats - meat. Or so-called dried BARF - cold-pressed granules.


We run under the TICA organization, which is very sympathetic to us in all directions.
Our breeding partners are especially amazing Ada Kroupa (thank you for everything without you I havent nothing) and Claudie Mixner (thank you for best boy on this planet and youre servis)
Our great support is also the veterinary clinic Hilde Vissenaken from Tielt Winge, a great veterinarian with a great range of knowledge.

Our Care