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Magaskawee´s Brian


Born: 7. 4. 2017
Breeder: Claudia Mixner - Magaskawee Maine Coon
Color: black classic tabby white
Tests: february 2019

Sire: Adelheids Jevgenij Onegin
Dam: Magaskawee´s Catwoman

This kid is our fulfilled dream. Amazing pedigree, beautiful and very nice. It perfectly meets our concepts of maine coons, robust, colorfully beautiful. All this can be found at his ancestors. It was love at first sight. You will not find a worthy and loving cat too far. We are really lucky to have this cat in our breed.

Mama: Magaskawee´s Catwoman

Magaskawees Catwoman

Papa: Adelheids Jevgenij Onegin

Adelheids Jevgenij Onegin